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A Typical day

On arrival:

Children arrive to indoor free play where they can meet their friends and have a go at the activities set up.  We encourage exploration, creativity, and communication.


Music, Movement, and Story:

We then move into music and movement which encourages the children to express themselves through song and dance followed by story time and a chat.  Our aim is to have fun and for the children to learn how to sit for a story and begin to use language to communicate.


Snack time:

The children all sit together to enjoy a healthy snack provided by us.  


Outdoor play:

We then go to our large garden to enjoy time in nature.  There is always something fun to do outside.  The children enjoy climbing, jumping, running, digging, and walking through muddy puddles.  They ride around on bikes and cars and make fairy gardens out of sticks, stones, flowers, and leaves.  We also grow vegetables and feed the chickens. 


Home time:

After a busy time outside the children have a good hand wash and a drink before they head home.  

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